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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Brandcrush?keyboard_arrow_down
Brandcrush is an end-to-end platform for retail media, experiential activations and brand partnerships Through Brandcrush, brands and agencies can discover and scale brand experiences to engage hypertargeted audiences, while businesses can monetize and maximize their owned media assets with a smart media listing and booking solution.
Who is a Brand?keyboard_arrow_down
Brands are the buyers on our platform : Seamlessly book retail media, experiential activations and partnerships through a network of trusted businesses
What's an activation?keyboard_arrow_down
An activation is a brand experience that makes your brand known to people, increasing awareness and engagement.
Who is a Partner?keyboard_arrow_down
Partners are the media sellers on our platform: monetizing and maximizing their owned media assets.
What's an activation space?keyboard_arrow_down
An activation space is a brand opportunity that offers either a physical or digital consumer reach. i.e a popup space, sponsorship, digital placement, gift sampling.
What is an experiential activation?keyboard_arrow_down
Experiential activations are where brands create live “sensory” experiences to connect with consumers in high traffic spaces i.e. The entrance to a store or at an event.
What is "customer reach"?keyboard_arrow_down
Customer reach is the number of consumers that a partner can connect a brand with during an activation. For experiential media: it is how many customers you estimate will receive a sample or marketing message during an activation in your space or at your event. For digital and print media: it is the audience numbers or foot traffic that will see the brand’s message. It is important that businesses do not over-represent their customer reach as it will create logistical issues and a disappointing experience for the Brand.
Is Brandcrush in all countries?keyboard_arrow_down
Brandcrush is a global platform with current operations in Ausralia, United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand. For other countries please contact sales@brandcrush.com.
How does Brandcrush make money?keyboard_arrow_down
Brandcrush is free for brands and Agencies. We charge transaction fees and subscription fees to our Partners for use of the platform and offer a range of subscription types to suit our partners where ever they are on their media monetization journey.
Who executes the activation?keyboard_arrow_down
Brands can choose to activate with their brand teams or they can request partners to activate for them.
How does Brandcrush work with Agencies?keyboard_arrow_down
Brandcrush works closely with all PR, Activation and Media agencies, offering our platform as a workflow solution for their clients. We do not charge any platform fees to our brands and agencies. There is full transparency on our activation rates which are set by our partners. We do offer concierge support to our agency clients.
How does Brandcrush monitor Partners & customer reach estimates?keyboard_arrow_down
Brandcrush has rich insight into foot traffic and reach trends through the thousands of spaces listed on our platform. We track and compare customer reach by category to ensure all space listings fall within a validated threshold and review data additional data points.
Who can be a Partner?keyboard_arrow_down
Our end-to-end software solution powers businesses around the world — from grocery & D2C retailers, shopping centres, gym, coworking locations and universities — to monetize and maximize their media selling potential. If you are a registered business and have a valuable customer reach, schedule a demo with our team to discover our solutions.

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